Muffins made with powdered eggs and freeze dried blueberries

Did you ever think that you could make cupcakes that look this good with a cake mix, water, oil, powdered eggs and a handful of freeze dried blueberries!! They turned out amazing. They were light and fluffy and so delicious.

What I did was get a regular cake mix and added all the ingredients that the box called for. When it came to the eggs, I used powdered eggs. One tablespoon of powder to two tablespoons of water. (1 Tb. = 1 whole egg). And just mix.

Then I reconstituted about a 1/3 cups of freeze dried blueberries. Filled a bowl with hot water, added the blueberries and let them sit while I mixed the batter. After just a few minutes sitting in the bowl, they were soft. I drained the berries and then I folded them in. Bake at 350F for 25 and Done!! Amazing way to use your powdered eggs! Try this at home, you'll love it.

TIP: Try substituting one ingredient in your regular recipes with one food storage ingredient. Great way to learn to use and rotate your storage.

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