Mac N Cheese without milk and butter? YESSIREE

What? Out of milk, out of butter? Oh will you feed the kids lunch! Not to worry, instant milk and powdered butter are here to save the day!

Try my recipe for Mac N Cheese

2 cups of mac n cheese powder
1 Tb. butter powder with 2 tsp. water
1/4 cup instant milk powder mixed with enough hot water to make 2 cups
8 oz macaroni (half a package)

Boil pasta, drain. Mix rest of ingredients in a separate bowl and add to hot pasta. You're done!! Delicious!

When you add the milk to the cooked pasta you don't have to add all that you mixed. Just put enough in until it looks like the creaminess that you like. If you like thick mac n cheese, add only a little. If you like it soupy, add it all.

TIP: When reading quantities and measurement for making instant milk, remember this: 1 Qt = 4 cups.

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