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Hello! And welcome to the very first post from "Shelf Reliance Sisters." My sister and I love what we do. We are both consultants for Shelf Reliance in the Home Parties Division. It's very exciting and we love learning about food storage. We want to share that same knowledge with you!
Here's a little about us. Becky and I (Rachel) are identical twin sisters. Yes...identical! Everyone always asks us, "how identical are you?" Well, our kids can't tell us apart. How's that for identical?
She lives in TX and I live in UT. But we are very close.
We both signed up to be consultants with Shelf Reliance in the fall of 2009. And in working with our party guests, we've determined that many people just want to know how to use their food storage in their everyday cooking. And they want to hear about it from average people.
You're in luck! Becky and I are as average as they come! We have 7 kids between us, we have busy social, school and church lives. Our husbands are very busy and we love being stay at home moms! And now, what is totally consuming us and pushing this blog forward is- Shelf Reliance, Thrive Food Storage!
We always felt that building a healthy, tasty and plentiful food storage for our family was important. Being prepared for eventualities is what lets you sleep well at night. But without help, neither of us was sure what to buy, how to cook with it or how much we needed for our size family. Shelf Reliance has answered all those questions and more! And we are glad to share our experiences with you!

Please feel free to follow our blog! We love stalkers and lurkers! And we love comments as well!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel! Would you mind emailing the picture of the fuit cup to me so I can use it in my power point presentation? I know it's not a hard one to take and upload myself, but my camera is really not that great. Thanks!