What does Freeze Dried mean?

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What is Freeze Dried?
by Shelfreliance Staff Sep 22 2009

Freeze-drying is a process that allows food to be shelf stable while retaining the maximum amount of nutrients. Freeze dried fruits and vegetables retain their original color, form, size, taste and texture.

They also retain their original nutrients which many other heat-utilizing processes can destroy. When reconstituted, freeze dried products come back to their original state. They are ideal for eating and cooking and have excellent flavor and texture. Because they are harvested and dried at peak freshness, you can have the nutrition and taste of fresh fruits and vegetables all year round.

The fundamental process steps are:

1. Freezing: The product is frozen. This provides a necessary condition for low temperature drying.

2. Vacuum: After freezing, the product is placed under vacuum. This enables the frozen solvent in the product to vaporize without passing through the liquid phase, a process known as sublimation.

3. Heat: Heat is applied to the frozen product to accelerate sublimation.

4. Condensation: Low-temperature condenser plates remove the vaporized solvent from the vacuum chamber by converting it back to a solid. This completes the separation process.
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TIP: consider storing freeze dried items if you haven't before. Freeze Dried food can last 25 years sealed and 1-2 years opened!

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