If you have been used to parties where moms show up at night, stay for a couple of hours, place a few orders and then leave; maybe you should consider this. Have a lunch party!

An idea I got from another consultant. In this case though, I created a kid's lunch party. Starts at 11 am...KIDS LUNCH TIME and went until 1 pm... KIDS NAPTIME. A perfect recipe for moms who don't want to come up with lunch that day who also want to wear out their kids before nappy time.

That's right...kids are invited! To avoid chaos, let the kids eat first. Then get the moms going on the good food!

The kids had mac n cheese from Thrive, blueberry muffins made with powdered eggs and freeze dried blueberries and apple drink. Moms on the hand had chicken salad and brownies. They also had apple drink. And believe it or not, the moms ate the mac n cheese too and LIKED IT! Everyone also had a little freeze dried fruit cup.

It turned out to be a great party. The kids ate. The moms ate and talked! Fun all around.

Email me if you'd like a kid friendly lunch party!

I'd love to come over!



Gabriela said...

I need you to come to my house!

Gabriela said...

hahaha I meant YOU need to come to my house :)