What? No Consultant Near me?

Hi Friends!
We only have 105 consultants in the whole US right now so if you want to host a party, there may not be a consultant in your state yet. That is not a problem. I'm here to help you make that happen!

1) sign up as a consultant and take over your state! (So fun!!) Contact me!
2) Let me send you a party in a box.

As a host you earn 10% of your party sales in free food. There are further benefits if you have bookings from your party and for total party sales. Shelf Reliance is very generous!!! It's been amazing to give out these rewards and see people ordering hundreds of dollars worth of food for only $50 or $100.

Shelf Reliance is a great company. Their goal.- Get their customers to be self reliant in food storage and budget. They have a food storage calculator online so you can figure out how much your family needs for a year. They also have a monthly Q. Just like netflix. Fill up your Q with your favorite food, set a budget and get your food storage every month right at your doorstep. The best part about it is, you never have to worry about food storage again. It will come to you.

The BEST way to rotate your food storage is to JUST EAT IT! So only buy what you will EAT. Learn to incorporate it into your daily cooking. This food is good enough to eat everyday, so you can do this! There are over 2000 recipes online and videos right on Youtube that show you how to use all the food. And the Thrive Recipe Book is on it's way! I can't wait for that!

The quality is second to none! Even with all those other brands of food storage out there, this is by far the best! The picture on the main page of the blog is a picture I took of their fruit. It truly looks like that!

If you want to try the food, drop Becky or I an email and we'll send you out a party price list.

The party price list gives you a 15% discount off the web site. So don't buy before you talk to one of us! We will list you as a customer on our consultant page, process your order online and create an account for you that will allow you to get party pricing.....F--O--R---E---V---E---R! ( Makes me think of The Sandlot).

Don't hesitate to email us! You won't be disappointed. And if you are interested in consulting, we can help you with that too. It's a great time to jump on board. Like I said, there are only 105 of us in the whole US! Amazing opportunity! Great company and great benefits.

Hoping to hear from you soon!

Rachel and Becky

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