Easy Food for your 72 hour Kits

If you need some food in your 72 hour kit but don't want to try and swallow those heavy, chewy protein bars, why not try some freeze dried fruit in your back pack!
Freeze dried fruit is very, very light! Because it is freeze dried it has all it's nutrition and vitamins. So it's healthy. Plus Freeze dried unopened in the can lasts 25 years and opened lasts 1-2 years.

We have lots of choices for fruit or even vegetables if you like!
There are also entrees like Hurry Curry Chicken, Broccoli Cheese Soup and Chili!
And don't forget to include a drink: orange, apple and peach!
Or Dessert that's just add water and bake!

There also come in pouch size! Smaller, already sealed and retains it's shelf life!

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