Family of 4? How much food do I need for my family?


One of the hardest things to figure out when you are starting your food storage plan is "how much do I need?" and "what do I buy?"

Let Shelf Reliance figure this out for you! Go to and click on Food Storage Planner. Enter all the information about your family, choose a 2000 calorie diet for the most food and click calculate. The 2nd link is a YouTube video about filling out the plan or you could see it right at

This is how much food you'd need if you entered 2 adults and 2 kids ages 2 and 4. For one year it would cost $4109.44. This number will vary as you edit your planner. Meaning take out the food you already have, replace it with other food you don't have. Or take out food you don't like or don't know how to use. If I take the planner as it is, that's what I would pay.

If you don't know want to figure out what to take out and add in then you can buy a PACK. Some of the PACKS even come with our amazing front loading rotating shelves. A pack for a Family of 5 for one year costs $3,348.85. These PACKS are "as is." You can't change what comes in them. But you get an amazing start to your storage that is very complete.

If these numbers a looking too steep for you, consider these 2 options.
Start with a 3 month supply instead. You can enter than on the planner and get a total of $1408.69. And remember that number will change as you customize your plan.

Option number 2: Get your food storage in small shipment every month on a budget you are comfortable with. This is called the "Q." Fill out your planner and then click on "set up monthly shipments." You choose your budget every month. Start with $100 or $200 a month and the planner will fill in food for that amount each month. You can fix up Q and decide exactly what comes to you every month. Totally customizable! This is the best way to get your food. You can start slowly, stay within your budget, and get the food you love to use!

The best way to rotate your food is to EAT it! Isn't that interesting? We all tend to think..."I must have beans, I must have beans." Most of us don't know how to cook with them or the time to figure it out. Though it's important to have basic life saving food (wheat, beans and rice) you definitely need food you love. As you eat it, you rotate it! It's that easy.

We love getting all the fruit and freeze dried meats. I also recommend getting these things to help you make food out of the supplies you already have.

Instant milk
Powdered milk
Powdered Butter
Powdered Eggs
Powdered Shortening
Powdered Sour Cream

With these ingredients you could make mac n cheese, sauces, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, pancakes etc.

Email me, an independent consultant, at if you need help setting up a planner or the Q.

By the way, if you want a 15% discount on your food online, you just have to make an order (1 can will do) and then you are entered as a party customer and you can get party pricing, 15% off, every time you shop online!

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