A Little Canned Meat Goes a Long Way...

Fortunately, I mean Freeze Dried Meats from Thrive Foods!

Remember SPAM? Who could forget.
Having protein in your storage is very important and most of us don't seem to be able to do anything with a dry bean but turn it into a bean bag for the kids. The solution is Freeze Dried meats! Why are these so different? Freeze Dried meats are not packed in liquid and salt. They are pre-cooked, diced and freeze dried meat. When the can says "chicken" it is actually chicken. When the can says "ham" it will actually be ham. Reconstitute in boiling water and you have real meat for enchiladas, chicken crescents, taco soup, ham friend rice. The possibilities are endless. And the shelf life is just about as endless, 25 years!

Email questions@ thrivecrew.com to order with a 15% discount.

Freeze Dried Ground Beef
Roast Beef
Sausage Crumbles


David and Becky said...


David and Becky said...

I wish my camera took such great pictures!

Sariah said...

Wow this is so cool. Way to go Rachel and sister! It'll be fun to see the following grow.

Shelf Reliance Sisters said...

Thanks Sariah! My sis is Becky.