Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This...

We all know what our "mama said." Get your food storage ready, you just never know. Back in the day, a couple of years ago really, you basically had 2 options; 1: buying cans from the grocery store packed in liquid that only last 1 to 2 years, or 2: buying basics-only from your local dry pack or wet pack cannery (for those who even have that option in their state). Those 2 options are a thing of the past!

Have you ever wondered how the heck you are going to cook all those dry red pinto beans and feed it to your sour faced children with
a smiling face? Do you have a wheat grinder for all that hard red winter wheat you keep buying? Do you even know how to make bread? Are you storing water? Do you have a camp stove?

It's time to take a hard look at what you really are willing to feed your family when the time comes?

Sure, you can make due with chicken noodle soup and crackers. But how long will that last before your kids start throwing it at you?

Many people tell me, "well, we'll eat it when we have to." I've thought about that a lot. Consider this, all the cast members of Survivor go without food, other than rice, for about 30 days. Then they are given the yucky food eating challenge. Many of them fail without even trying. What did they put on the line? Their health, hunger and $1 million dollars. Do we even have half the constitution that those people have? I know I don't.

I think when the time comes that you have to use your food storage, whether because of a job loss or natural disaster, you would much rather have food you've had all along; chicken salad, blueberry pancakes, brownies.

You can do this! Food storage can be easy. There are lots of recipes online at Shelf Youtube cooking demonstrations from SR cooks and a recipe book coming out soon! Just take baby steps.
Shelf Reliance offers you brownie mix that is just add water. The powder lasts 20 years sealed in the can. No need to have eggs or oil on hand.

It also offers you freeze dried meat like chicken. These are REAL, fully cooked, diced or chopped meat that has been freeze dried. Just add water to reconstitute and it becomes REAL meat again. They last 25 years in the can, 1-2 years open.

What about something like blueberry pancakes. We have 6 grain pancake mix, and freeze dried blueberries. All you need is water.

Now if you don't have water, consider buying some Steri Pens or filter water bottles or water purification tables so you can use the water you find.

Food Storage can be manageable and not a source of frustration. Let me teach you how.

Email us at Or shop online. But email me first so I can give you party pricing, a 15% discount before you shop!

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