March Sales on Shelf Reliance

Party People,
These are the deals for March. Be sure and put these items on your Q to maximize your savings monthly. The items listed are all reduced this month.

Apple Slice 12.80
FD Apricots 26.90
FD Blueberries 22.87 (A savings of $4!!!)
FD Mangos 20.70
FD Peach Slices 19.34
FD Pears 19.43

Cauliflower 11.72
FD Green Beans 12.85
FD Onions 14.26 (A savings of $4!!!)
Potatoe Pearls 15.14
FD Spinach 11.22
Sweet Potato 18.80
Quick Oats 5.70
Drink Mix, Peach 16.14

Broccoli Cheese Soup 32.68
Cansolidator Pantry 19.49 (Savings of $3)

Be sure and give those new entrees a try! Price/Servings/Unopened/Opened
Black Bart Chili $35.17 12 10 years 3 months

Cheesy Potatoes w/Chives $24.17 18 5 years 3 months

Chicken Dijon $32.10 12 5 years 3 months

Garden Risotto $25.93 12 5 years 3 months

Hurry Curry Chicken $32.10 12 10 years 3 months

Pepper Steak with Rice $30.78 12 5 years 3 months

Sierra Chicken $32.10

To Place an order contact either Rachel or Becky. It doesn't matter where you live. We ship in the contiguous US.

Becky Powell
Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance
Food Storage and Emergency Supplies

Rachel Mano
Independent Consultant-Shelf Reliance


Vana and Kevin said...

Thank you for highlighting what's on sale! I've been copying and pasting your list for a number of different things. Please continue to do this!!

Rachel said...

We will!