My Version of Breakfast Casserole

Start by defrosting some frozen hashbrowns. If you have freeze dried potato dices that would be excellent too.

Heat a pan with a TB. of oil

Add the mixed bell peppers and add the water at the same time, about 1/2 cup so they don't burn. If you have freeze dried onions add those now. This smell so good!
Then include everything else that you like: mushrooms, sausage TVP. I save the spinach to be added at the end because it's so tender.

Add the defrosted potatoes. Cook all together on medium heat. Combine well.

Make 6 eggs: 6 tb. egg powder to 12 tb. water. Wisk together and pour right into the pan. You'll be amazed at how egg-like, powdered eggs really look in the pan.

Mix all together until combined and warmed through.

I keep a cup of water nearby incase I need to reconstitute some more as I go. (Reconstitute really means adding water until the food turns back to its' natural softness. Most food does just fine with just a little water or the natural liquid from the food it is being cooked with.)

It starts to look really amazing

Add the freeze dried spinach and dump in some water, 1/2 a cup or so as you stir that in.

Add Shredded cheese on top and bake at 350 F for 15 minutes just to melt the cheese.
Everything in GREEN is right from Food Storage!

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