Saving Money

Step by Step

1. Order your Sunday Paper

1. Buying multiple copies allows you to buy lots of the same items when they are on sale

2. Subscribe to the largest circulating paper if you live in a small town to get more coupons

3. You’ll get coupon fliers each week except on Holidays

4. Cut out ONLY your most purchased items, free items, and BOGO items

5. Paper clip the rest and write the date on the front real big

2. Know the coupon codes

1. PG – Proctor and Gamble

2. S1 and/or S2- Smart Source, sometimes more than one edition is available

3. RP – Red Plum

4. GM- General Mills

3. Shop your local deals WEEKLY

1. go to “Deals by State” and pick your grocery store

2. The sale ad will appear with all the discounts and the location of the coupons

4. Know where to find coupons

1. The great majority of coupons are in the Sunday Paper

2. You can also print coupons, go for links

3. You can buy coupons off of or other sites.

4. Use e-coupons, which are loaded on your loyalty card, and

5. If you want to know more, you’ll have to come to my class.

5. Be Familiar with your Store policies

1. Wal-Mart and Target match prices but will not double/triple coupons

2. Kroger Family of stores, doubles and triples

1. A $.39 coupon is worth $1.17, where a $.50 is worth $1.00. Are you surprised!!!

3. Discount stores, dollar stores don’t usually take coupons

4. CVS/Walgreens Pharmacies have rewards/bucks programs which are great but you better know if you’re getting a good deal or not 1st or you could be paying more than full price and getting a refund on full-price- Not cool!

5. Call or e-mail if you want the list of the best prices on items. This helps a lot!

6. Shop ONLY Sales!!!!!

1. Shop ONLY Sales!!!!

2. What more can I say!? You won’t save much, even with coupons, if you’re paying full-price!

7. Stock up!

1. If your budget can afford it, buy enough of the sale items to last you to the next sale. That is usually 4-12 weeks later. Buy 36 cheese slice packets and freeze them even if people think you’re crazy. Over the next 12 weeks you will have saved $36, I bet ya!

2. Stock up on seasonal items on sale. Capri Sun only seems to go on sale in Spring/Summer. Buy in those seasons to last all year. And you’ll probably save $1.00 or more/case.

8. Stay Organized

1. I use a small accordion style organizer

2. You can use a binder with baseball card inserts

3. Envelopes

4. Clean it out 1x month

Everyone always asks me how much I save. Would you believe me if I say that I cave $60 a week and I put my savings towards my food storage! I REALLY do! And you can do it, too! It’s really easy once you get the hang of it.

The 2nd question I always get is, “Where do you put it all?” Lots of places but my new favorite place is my new Shelf-Reliance Harvest 72”. Wow!!! I love these massive organizers. It can hold 200+ cans and it’s adjustable. It can hold the smallest tuna can to a #10 food storage can. The Food Rotation Systems are 25% right now on . They come in all different sizes. But if you call or e-mail, Rachel or I can beat the sale price and get you the party discount which is an additional 15% off! This is the cheapest you can get it! Shipping is a flat rate of $15.99 anywhere in the US! That is cheap!

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