Storing Pineapple

There are a few ways that you can store pineapple in your long term storage.
1: canned pineapple in liquid. Those can last about a year or two.
2: can it yourself. One year.
3: dehydrated pineapple. Lasts 8-10 years
4: freeze dried pineapple. Lasts 25 years

It's very important to have vitamins your storage. And pineapple is a really delicious way to do that. Note, that pineapples stored in liquid are usually more sugary. Those canned yourself have the shortest shelf life. Dehydrated pineapple has sugar added and is a lot more like candy than fruit. And freeze dried is entirely natural, light, no sugar added, full vitamins and 25 year shelf life. I don't know about you, but I think my choice is clear. Freeze dried is the optimum in Food Storage.

In the latest issue of Family Fun:
"The produce aisle's offerings may be lackluster these days compared to in the summer months, with one notable exception: the pineapple. This tropical favorite is available fresh year-round and delivers a powerful nutritional punch to boot. In fact, one cup of fresh pineapple provides 94 percent of the recommended daily allowances of vitamin C, and, according to David Grotto, RD, author of 101 Optimal Life Foods, 'pineapple also contains bromelain, a digestive enzyme that reduces inflammation and helps the body absorb protein.' Serve the fruit simply cut into chunks, or try one of these deliciously healthy snacks.'" March 2010 issue.

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