Want Some REAL host benefits? Look at this!

Our program for hosting is out of this world!
  1. If you host a party, you get 10% of the party total in FREE FOOD!
  2. On top of that if people schedule a party from your party, you get $100 worth of free food at 50% off for each person that decides to host a party.
  3. AND...after we have all your party sales in, we can add more 50% offs depending on the total sale.
  4. If you attended a friends party first and then decided to host, whatever you spent at that party will count toward your first party as part of the party total sales! This is called our Double Dip!

Look what someone got from being a hostess! This is a picture that one of our consultant sent to me! Amazing isn't it? Email us if you want to host a party like this too!

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