Would you drink this water if it's all you had?

Let me tell you a little about a great tool for water purification! I'm totally in love with it and I just got 3 for our family. You should store 6 gallons of water per person per day. That can really be a lot of water. It's tough to find a way to store all of that. I'm not saying don't try and store it, BUT if you needed water and could only find something like you see above...you could actually drink it. But how, you ask? THE STERIPEN!

SteriPEN utilizes UV (Ultraviolet light) which destroy the DNA of microbes in seconds. It also comes with a filter and water bottle. Run the water through the filter to remove dirt. Then put in the SteriPEN. The ultraviolet light will destroy microbes and you can drink the water.

So even if you didn't store water, you can still drink any water you might find. This is a great tool for camping or traveling abroad. And really great for rehydrating freeze dried food!

Want to know more about Water Storage, click here: Water Storage Guidelines for resources from www.providentliving.org

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