A little more about WATER, because it's that important!

There are many ways to purify, store and carry water. Remember, you need 6 gallons per person per day. Now, you won't be drinking all of those gallons. It is meant for drinking, cooking and washing.

In the picture you can see water pouches. They are each a cup of water and they last 3 years each. Really a great idea for 72 hour kits. Even your little kids could carry of handful of these and have water for themselves in an emergency.

You can even get water boxes. This is a Coast Guard Grade product which you can freeze right in the box.

Also pictured is something I absolutely love! I researched these even before I became a consultant with Shelf Reliance. It is called- The SteriPen. Click on the link to read about it. You can filter your water with the filter first, also included, and then dip the pen in the water and kill the bateria in 45 seconds with an ultraviolet light!

You can also use these, Aquamira Water Treatment Drops. No after taste, and can purify up to 30 gallons of water.

Another option is these easy to carry Chlor-Floc Water Purification Tablets. Used by the US military. These contain 8 tablets and will purify 8 gallons of water. They will eliminate Giardia and most common micro-organisms.

When it comes to storing water you can go with the big, big water containers that are either 55 gallons or 30 gallons.

Or these...

If you are concentrating on getting a really great 72 hour supply together, consider these smaller ones. You can easily lift these and put them in your car in an emergency and have enough water for each family member for 3 days. It's also a great idea if you are going on a long trip. Having water is essential everyday, but especially in an emergency.

If you are working on your long term storage, consider using the big blue containers. They are not too heavy to lift when empty, so ladies you can pick these up at the store all by yourself! But once there is water in them, it will be impossible. So choose carefully where you will fill these. Consider storing near a floor drain like the laundry room or cold storage or if you have a walk out basement, near enough to empty it out easily when you have to.

It is important to empty out and refill your containers yearly. There is a special siphon pump that you can buy in order to empty the large containers so you don't have to just tip them over and hope for the best! That's what I was imagining when I first thought of filling these big guys!

If you would like to reuse container that you have, be sure to not use milk jugs. Also use the heavier plastic juice bottles as opposed to colored soda pop ones. Fill your containers with water, but leave a few inches of space at the top as breathing room.

If you are interested in any of these products for you and your family, contact Becky and I at questions@thrivecrew.com. We can offer you a discount off the online price. Plus as a customer with us, you can then always have the discounted price whenever you shop without having to contact a consultant or go to a Shelf Reliance party. Just shop whenever you want to and get the best deal!

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