"TVP..." What the heck is it and why would I want it in my food storage?

T.V.P. actually stands for Texturized Vegetable Protein. (Like Tofu). So it's NOT real meat. It is a meat substitute.
So why would you consider this for your food storage?
#1: Tastes Like Meat
#2: Very Low in Fat
#3: Very High in Protein
#4: Save money

All great reasons to consider TVP. If you've eaten at Taco Bell or DelTaco, then you've already eaten TVP and you just didn't know it.
When in time of crisis, it is important to have enough protein to keep your strength and muscles built up.
Plus, you can make some TVP and mix it with real meat to extend your meals.
Remember, TVP absorbs moisture so don't over cook this. Drop in boiling water until it starts to soften, just a couple of minutes, and then drain off the excess water. If you want to crisp it up, add it back to a hot skillet and it will look like crispy taco meat.

Which do I like? Well, of course we are fans of all the Shelf Reliance Brands. I especially like the Taco TVP, Sausage TVP, and Chicken TVP.
You can make chicken salad with the chicken tvp. Make tacos with the taco tvp and add a little sausage tvp to your scrambled eggs in the morning.

Let us know if you need help with this! We welcome comments and questions!

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