Vegetables I haven't bought since September

Red and Green Dice Bell Peppers

Buying your food storage and actually rotating it by using it is a great way to save money. Since I started with Shelf Reliance I have not bought celery, onions, red/green diced bell peppers or mushrooms from the store. Can you believe it?

So how do Shelf Reliance Vegetables save me money?

First: one less run to the store for these ingredients saves me a bunch on all the other stuff I didn't intend to buy when I ran to the store for the lone stalk of celery.
Second: these are the kind vegetables that tend to go bad in your refrigerator quickly and you end up throwing all or part of it away!
Three: because freeze dried vegetables last 25 years unopened and 1-2 years OPENED!

Oh, the peppers aren't freeze dried but they last 8 years in the can and 1 year opened. So, a huge money saver since one red bell pepper costs about $2 at the store!!

So what do they cost if you buy them from Shelf Reliance?

Diced Red/Green Bell Peppers: $8.63 for a gallon (#10 size)
freeze dried mushrooms: $11.25 for a gallon (#10 size)
freeze dried onions: $14.30 for a gallon (#10 size)
freeze dried celery: $19.47 for a gallon (#10 size)

Try these next time you want to make stir fry, tacos, salsa, soup well...just about anything! All they need is a little water to reconstitute them and you've got a "fresh" vegetable ready to eat! Keep a smaller jar of the onions next to your stove if you cook with onions often and drop them by the tablespoon-full right into your pot while you're cooking! There is an amazing aroma when you mix the onions and the peppers! I love it.

Email us at if you'd like to make an order or have questions about these products! Or just post a comment! We'd love to hear from you.

Independent Consultant/Shelf Reliance

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