Garden State Consultants Here We Come!

I bet you didn't know that Rach and I spent most of our young adulthood in New Jersey - Branchburg, to be exact. That's in Somerset County smack-dab in the middle of the state. No, we don't have Jersey accents. No, we're not Italian, or Jewish, or Polish but we learned to fit in! :)

We would love to go back and visit this Fall. Of course, the visit would be for pleasure but we also can't help noticing how many people from New Jersey are following the blog. If you're from Jersey and are interested in becoming a consultant, let us know by writing to our e-mail on the top right of the page. We'd love to round you all up together and meet together for a super-duper 1st training and get New Jersey running with the best consultants!

So, if you're at all interested, send us an e-mail and we'll keep you updated as to our plans and when/where we plan on meeting ya'll (oops! I'm officially from Texas now!)

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