Now.. Hold yer Horses! What's this about Consulting?

Now lots of people are shocked when we tell them all the great perks about being a consultant with Shelf Reliance. So here are just a few.

  1. You do not have to keep inventory to sell at parties
  2. You do not have to make a certain amount of sales a month to remain active
  3. You do not get demoted
  4. You get paid every month on the 15th. A nice checks shows up in your mail box
  5. You get the party price every day of the week, every week of the year
  6. You can add yourself as your own customer and get paid on your own orders
  7. You can process credit cards online without having to pay a fee or have a credit card machine
  8. You can grow your team as wide as you'd like. No limit.
  9. You can grow your team as deep as you'd like. You earn commission on the first 3 levels
  10. You can sign up with your sister, neighbor or best friend
  11. You earn host benefits when you give parties at your own home
  12. You earn host benefits when you give parties at someone else's home
  13. This food sells itself. It's the best!
  14. 10% of the company's profits goes to The Benson Institute to teach impoverished people how to grow their own food and be self-sustaining. Love this!!
  15. You can get an amazing feeling knowing you are helping people get ready for an emergency or just teach them how to use what they already have.
  16. And finally, you are getting yourself prepared. People are depending on you and you are filling a very important roll in your family and in your community.
Email us at for questions about consulting or instructions on how to sign up online with us. We'd love to have you join our team. By the way, if you join with us, we will train you until you are ready to go at it on your own!


Sara said...

I love your list! Just signed up as a consultant in Texas, and am looking forward to sharing this great company and it's products with all my friends.

David and Becky said...

Sara,where do you live? I'm in Spring, Texas! Send me an e-mail because I have good news for all consultants in Texas that I can't post on the blog.

David and Becky said...

Sorry, it's