Want your missionary to eat right on the mission?

Sending a missionary or two out in the mission field this year? Wondering how they can possibly eat right? Send them with a little food storage.

It's easy to cook with because it's "just add water". All freeze dried holds all of it's nutrition without any preservatives, salt or sugar added in.

And it's fast to prepare too. Drop some freeze dried ground beef, freeze dried beans, onions, mushrooms and corn in 2 cups of water. Add paprika, salt, can of cream of mushroom soup and sour cream and you have a super fast stroganoff!

We can currently send "Thrive" to anywhere in the USA including Hawaii and Alaska!

You can even place all of your orders on our monthly Q and keep it all in budget! Sent it out automatically every month without you having to go to the post office. What could be better?

Email questions@thrivecrew.com for more information.

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