We Can Do It!

Are you talented in skills that don't really have a job title? Are you great at typing fast e-mails, answering phone calls, resolving conflict, prioritizing, thinking on your feet, learning bits of random information, multi-tasking with the best of them, cooking fast meals, pinching a penny, sharing what you love, being friendly, and gathering your food storage?

If you are, consider being a consultant for Shelf Reliance. I finally found a place to use all my skills in one place! Never mind that I have a bachelor's degree in exercise science from Utah State....I only used that degree for about 1 year. But over the years as a wife, mother, and school teacher, I have developed the oddest compliation of skills that have made me the consultant I am today. And I bet you're right for the job, too!

With a little mentoring from Rachel and I, you will make it! We are the Thrive Crew and we'd love for you to come aboard. We promise to take good care of you and teach you all you have to know to be successful. We know we can count on you because of your great skills and all the years of hard-work you've put in to being a wife and a mother. It counts for more than you think! We want you!
E-mail us even if you're a little bit curious and we'll answer all your questions. Check out the next post to see WHY you should call SOON!

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