Where Do You Live?

Alabama, Maryland
Delaware, Nebraska
Hawaii, New Hampshire
Iowa. New York
Kentucky, Okahoma
Louisiana, Rhode Island
Maine, South Dakota

If you live in any of the states above, there are NO CONSULTANTS there! Just think....you could be the very first one and lead your state. Have you been looking for your niche? Do you have a inch to be secretly succesful, to make magic of your own in this world outside the walls of your own home? Do you want to be known as part of a team that is helping and preparing families for the unexpected? How good would it feel to know you helped prepare your state?
That's what I'm doing! I'm the 1st consultant in Texas and I feel a great need to share all I know with everyone I meet. I want my friends and neighbors to be prepared. I want them to know that there are tools out there, free ones, to be ready. We live in fear just about every year with hurricanes. I imagine the peace of mind and security I'm helping give to families and especially mothers, when hard times come. Do you have this vision, too? If you have this passion, then send us an e-mail and we'll help you get started.


Linds said...

I'm in Hawaii- still waiting on reply about being a consultant.

Linds said...

Whoops, here's my info jlpiercefamily @ gmail (dot) com

Rachel said...

HI Linds! Thanks for the contact. I just sent you a reply by email. We'd love to have you on board getting Hawaii going! What a great market for this product!

Benjie said...

Are there any consultants in New York? I moved from Buffalo and have people who live there that might be interested in doing this. :)

Becky Powell said...

Yes, I have atleast one on my team. I don't know if she's near Buffalo, but send me an e-mail to beckypowell "at" thrivecrew "dot" com and I'll send you the contact info. :)