We are Sisters!

Our Children may not look a like but we sure do! We are identical twins and very similar in many, many ways. Ask our husbands. Besides the obvious physical similarities, we have almost identical voices, attitudes, moles and freckles, surgeries, fears, desires, and dreams. We've tried being different but it seems we can't avoid our similarities.
We are different in a few ways. Rachel is very artistic and creative. She is a great writer and story teller. I've worked hard to perfect my piano talent and became quite good for a while playing for anyone and everyone at any event without fear. Our sense of style is totally different although we do admire each other's attempt to looking good! :) Our husbands are total opposites physically although both are really smart, laid-back, and fun! Maybe looks didn't matter too much --- Sorry guys! :)
Rachel is more outgoing than I am and willing to try new things while I hang back and just watch to see how it goes. But overall, we're both dreamers who work really hard for all we've accomplished. There is no easy route to success. Just work hard and trust in yourself and let the bad days just go on by without a thought.
If you have any questions for us, we'd love to answer them. Just e-mail us at questions@thrivecrew.com

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Vana and Kevin said...

I think you two are great! I wish we all lived close enough to hang out and work together.