POPULATION: Global Food Supply Near the Breaking Point - IPS ipsnews.net

POPULATION: Global Food Supply Near the Breaking Point - IPS ipsnews.net

These kind of news stories pop up from time to time. I know everyone has a different point of view about growers and food and preparation. But one thing you can be sure of, being prepared, even a little, will be helpful to you even if not in a crisis.


Our garden vegetable seeds are a great way to start. The seeds in the can last 5 years. They are each individually packaged. And the seeds are all heirloom, which means you can harvest the seed from the fruit or vegetable you've grown and grow another plant. The seeds we usually find in our local markets are not heirloom. They are genetically modified and will most likely not be able to product more than 1 plant. These heirloom seeds will give you a fresh garden forever.

This is what is contained in the can:

Can Contents

Contender Bush Bean seeds (2 envelopes - 226.8 g each)

Detroit Dark Red Beet seeds (7.087 g)

Golden Acre Cabbage seeds (1.984 g)

Scarlet Nantes Carrot seeds (7.087 g)

Golden Bantum 8 Corn seeds (113.4 g)

Straight Eight Cucumber seeds (1.984 g)

Salad Bowl Green Leaf Lettuce seeds (3.685 g)

Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion seeds (1.984 g)

Wando Pea seeds (2 envelopes - 226.8 g each)

Sweet Yolo Wonder L Perrer seeds (0.2 g)

Champion Radish seeds (9.355 g)

Boomsdale Long Standing Spinach seeds (7.087 g)

Zucchini Black Beauty Summer Squash seeds (1.984 g)

Sweet Meat Winter Squash (3.685 g)

Rutgers Tomato seeds (0.1 g)

Email us if you'd like to purchase a can or two. They make great gifts!


Rachel and Becky

independent consultants

Shelf Reliance

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