Llisten in on the business before you sign up!

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Join us in our regular training calls and learn how to be successful in your Shelf Reliance Business! Training by VP of Direct Sales, Jason Norton as well as our Founders and President.

Phone Number: 1-218-895-0268

Password: 13579#

Training Calendar

1. Opportunity/ Company – June 15th, 7pm

2. Comp Plan – June 22nd, 12pm

3. Products - THRIVE – June 29th, 7pm

4. Products - Shelves and Emergency Supplies (Planners) – July 6th, 12pm

5. Planning/Goal setting/Defining Your WHY – July 13th, 7pm

6. Prospecting – July 20th, 12pm

7. Presenting – July 27th, 7pm

8. Inviting/Following up – August 3rd, 12pm

9. Leadership – August 10th, 7pm

10.Tools – Planner and THRIVE Q - August 17th, 12pm

11. Tools – Consultant Admin Site – August 24th, 7pm

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about these conference call trainings.


Rachel and Becky


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