With the recent recall on eggs I just wanted to share what Shelf Reliance has to say about their Egg Safety....another good reason to buy powdered eggs from Shelf Reliance! (To know whether or not your grocery store eggs are part of the recall go to

At THRIVE we are HACCP certified, which stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. To become HACCP certified, we were required to go through a rigorous list of requirements in order to guarantee the food we sell is safe for human consumption. Through this process, we underwent several inspections of our facilities, machinery, and food handlers. We have also put very strict safety rules and guidelines into place to ensure our HACCP certification remains in good standing. We also have our own USDA certification number for our egg and meat products. To become USDA certified, a lengthy certification process is required which includes
strict canning standards and an in-depth facility inspection conducted by an officer from the US Government. Because meeting the requirements for in-house canning of egg and meat products can take a very long time, most food storage companies do not manufacture these items in house. Instead, they contract with third parties who are already USDA approved to have this done on their behalf. At Shelf Reliance, we have taken this extra step because we feel it is important to take a hands-on approach when it comes to the products we sell, and we want all of our foods to go through the same rigorous safety testing standard to ensure we are providing our customers with the highest quality food on the market.

Thrive Powdered Eggs

$19.92 for a $10 can
236 servings
Stored lasts 5 years
Opened lasts 6 months

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Anonymous said...

Powdered eggs is on the list that the quality control through the LDS cannery says not to can. They shouldn't be canned in #10 cans bcause it has too high of a moisture content and will not last long at all. I don't understand how Shelf Reliance can sell them like this? Also on their list is brown sugar which is also sold here. Are you concerned at all with the safety of these products?