Personal Consultations

So you're not a "party person" but you really want to try this food storage stuff. Email me at and we can set up a time to meet at your home or over the phone. I can't guarantee we'll have as much fun as the ladies in this picture, but I'm sure it will be great! : )

I can walk you through the planner so you know just how much you need for your family and I'll bring by some samples for you to taste. If you are far away, I can send you some sample packs from the party price list.

I can help make some recommendations of food that we love to cook with and which foods you're family is bound to enjoy! Nothing beats our brownies and macaroons!

If you'd like to meet personally with a consultant but don't live where Becky and I do (Utah and Texas) please email us and let us know where you live. Chances are we have a wonderful friend consultant in your area that we can send over your way!

Remember the email address is:

Thanks and have a great day!!


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