Power Dome Portable Generator..love it!

The Power Dome Portable Generator for $128.47 is amazing!
We have one of these and just love it! My husband just keeps it in his truck!


This eight-in-one portable generator was developed for multi-situational use. Features include a 600 AMP auto jump starter, a 1.5 ft high-pressure air compressor, a 400 watt AC power inverter, an AM/FM radio, a USB power port, an iPod input socket, a DC power outlet, and a 5 LED flashlight. This rugged machine can power anything including laptops, fax machines, and cell phones. The AC outlets also allow for electricity in any location.
The Power Dome takes about 36 hours to fully charge. Once charged, this generator can power all of our electronic needs for hours of use. It comes wtih both a wall charger and a car charger.

This portable generator can be used in conjunction with any emergency supply plan. Also conisder keeping one in your 72-hour and automobile emergency kits.
* 12 volt DC socket * Battery status button * Volt meter * Charging jack and indicator * iPod audio input socket * AM/FM radio * Pressure gauge * Compressor switch * Air hose compartment * 40 AMP fuse * 5 LED flashlight * Self-contained auto jumper cableA versatile, compact generator.

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