Water Bob and Siphon Pump Holds 100 Gallons - Camp-205

This is an ingenious solution to storing a large amount of water and still making it easy to pour out. Becky says that she loves these. We don't sell them at Shelf Reliance...yet...but it's not always about the sale. We're glad to get you prepared.

In an emergency, one of the first things you'll need is water. You can't survive without if for more than a week. Most people will have organ failure within that time.

Water gets contaminted in an emergency. You'd think with a hurricane, that there'd be lots of water to go around. What you don't realize is that fresh and comtaminated water are usually combined in a storm. Water pipes break, rushing water picks up debrie and spills into fresh water ways, and you're sunk...so to speak! Having fresh water is one of your most important priorities.

Water is indispensible.

If you'd like more information about ordering these, email us at questions@thrivecrew.com or leave us a comment on this page.

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