Consultant Roll Call

I know we have lots of you wonderful Consultants following our blog!
We'd like to give you a chance to introduce yourselves and tell us where you are and what you love about Shelf Reliance!

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The world wants to know who you are!

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Best to all!


Kerry said...

Hi! I am Kerry,and I live in Olathe,KS...right outside Kansas City! I am brand spankin new as a consultant, and have my very first party this coming Friday. I haven't tried tons of items yet, but from what I have tried I have been very impressed. I am super excited to be a part of a company that has a fantastic purpose. I would love any party tips or suggestions, since I have never been to one myself!

Joan said...

I'm Joan, I live in Lehi, Utah, and I've been a consultant since April. I love how easy it is to incorporate Thrive into my recipes, and I can whip up a meal so quickly! I love snacking on the fruits and veggies. One of my favorite products is the tomato powder, which is on sale this month! Shelf Reliance is an awesome company! I also have a blog. The address is notyourgrandmothersfoodstorage.

Patricia said...

Hi, I'm Trish & live in Jacksonville, FL. I just signed up as a consultant & waiting for my kit to arrive. I'm very excited to be part of this company & looking forward to getting started!

Marissa said...

Hi! I'm Marissa and I live in Cypress, TX just outside of Houston. I just signed up to be a consultant in August so I'm still a newbie. I love THRIVE foods and how easy they are to incorporate into everyday life. I also love my Cansolidators (that's how I was introduced to Shelf Reliance)! They are a lifesaver in my tiny kitchen pantry.

Rachel said...

Hi All! So glad to have you on board! We really hope our blog will help you get started off right!

Marie said...

I'm Marie. We live an hour south of Houston on the coast. I love having food storage that is so useable. I love it that the produce keeps its identity and I'm not embarrassed to serve it to the people who are lucky enough to eat it!