Harvest Shelf...Our Biggest Model

Food storage management has never been easier thanks to the Harvest 72". Featuring patented front-loading technology that automatically rotates cans on a first in first out basis, the Harvest 72" is the largest, most popular food rotation system offered by Shelf Reliance. This FRS is easy to adjust for different can sizes and boasts the capacity to hold 460 cans. With its easy-fit design and unique features, the Harvest 72" makes food storage management a breeze.

This is the Harvest with side shelves. Not included for the $279 but you can add that on if you like!

4 pack of side shelves $38.99.

Shipping for any Harvest is only $15.99 even if you order 10 of them!

Wanna buy it?

Email us at questions@thrivecrew.com and we'll create a party account for you so you can shop online for this great price!

Tech Specs
Dimensions Capacity Up to 460 cans Height 72" Depth 24.5" Width 36.5" Features
  • Can width is adjustable
  • Small tracks hold up to 15 vegetable size or 17 soup size cans
  • Medium tracks hold up to 11 medium size cans

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