"Let's get Together" Signing up under Twin consultants, is fun!

There are plenty of great reasons to sign up as consultant with Becky and me. None of which is more important than the fact that we are really cute twins!

Aside from that though, and seriously, we are...super bubbly and nice too.

Just kidding.

Here's a little about why we would be great enrollers for you.

Rachel is consultant #4. I've been working with this company and it's great products since last September, 2009. The party division is so new that you can't get more experience than that!
Becky signed up very soon after me as consultant #18. Parties for Shelf Reliance started officially in April of 2010.

Rachel has experience selling where there are many choices in your food storage and Becky has experience selling where there is little choice or education on food storage. She has also delved into emergency supplies a lot earlier than the rest of us. She's very successful at what she does!
We both love to teach and have had experience teaching for many years. This makes our training effective. We train you to be successful!

We love working on new ideas and promoting this product as much as possible in the most unique angles.
Rachel was the consultant who brought Shelf Reliance to The Rachael Ray show this month.
Becky has done many expos in Houston and even has met the county commissioner who is very excited about the Shelf Reliance brand.

She was also on Great Day Houston's morning news show and did an amazing job teaching Houston how to eat well during a hurricane. Becky has also begun translating material for Shelf Reliance into Spanish!
You can see Rachel on the new Training/party DVD. She has contributed heavily to developing many ideas toward the party side of the business. She also appears in many marketing tools the company sends out. And is a trainer for all consultants in the company on a regular basis on our weekly training phone call and during training conferences. Rachel has also reached the highest level, up to this point, in rankings for a consultant.

Well, that's all a mouth full and super boastful, If I do say so myself...and I did!

Did I say we were Cute?!

Email us: We'd love to sign you up and get you started on your road to success. Email us and we'll send you some material to study!

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