Soap Berries to Clean your clothes

this is not a Shelf Reliance product but I see it being excellent for daily life as well as emergencies. You can keep these berries in a #10 can and use them without the harm of harsh chemicals even when there is limited water. Won't that feel good?

I bought a whole bag, $40. Enough to do laundry for a year, they say. We're messy over here so maybe 6 months for us, but still so cheap compared to one purchase of Tide, right?
Add the berries wash and that's it! Clean clothes. They came out's a great smell. I love it!
It reminds me of when my mom used to hang laundry outside to dry and it just smelled clean.

I met the founders at an expo this weekend in SLC. Great people and they just started selling this product in April. I hope they do well. It's a nice product and I'm happy our family has it!

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Sariah said...

That is so great! I bought some too. I didn't believe it at first. But I liked those guys next to us at the WWW show. I wish them the best as well.