Thrive Gift Baskets...Order Some Today!

Now you can easily give your friends and loved ones the gift of great-tasting THRIVE with our Raspberry Bars Gift Basket. This tasty gift comes with all the THRIVE ingredients you'll need to make mouth-watering raspberry bars.

Make someone happy today by sharing the joy of THRIVE Food Storage!

Each Raspberry Gift Basket includes: 1 Pouch of THRIVE White Sugar 1 Pouch of THRIVE Butter Powder 1 Pouch of THRIVE Whole Eggs 1 Pouch of THRVIE White Flour 1 Pouch of THRIVE Freeze Dried Raspberries 1 Raspberry Bars Recipe Card 1 Sturdy Mixing Bowl 1 Wooden Mixing Spoon

* Each THRIVE gift basket includes a sturdy mixing bowl and spoon * Makes a perfect gift for anyone * Easy-to-make recipe included


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