Consultant Bio- Sariah!!

I signed up to do Shelf Reliance one year ago this month! Its my anniversary. I have had my ups and downs just as any business owner does. Initially I signed up because it was on the sub ground floor and I wanted to get in on this opportunity. I am consultant number 12. As I use Thrive I am doing it because I truly believe the food is sooo good. I love reconstituting the chicken salad ingredients and having someone walk in the kitchen and say "that smells so good". It does smell great and only took 5 minutes to prepare. I enjoy good food. And whatever circumstance I find myself and family in I want there to be good food we enjoy eating too.

I have four children ranging in ages 9 years old to 1. I am busy. My school age kids bring Thrive fruit in there lunches. My one year old will ask for it using her baby signs. We are a Thrive family!

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I remember making and selling hair bows (for adults not babies) door-to-door in my neighborhood in Seattle. Talk about direct sales! Ten years later I thought I'd give a make-up company a shot but quickly decided party sales were not for me and shipped all of my inventory back. After the birth of my first daughter I opened a shave ice stand on Alki Beach in Seattle. That was very part time and quite an adventure getting approval from the King County Health Dept. But I made it through and was successful.

My husband and daughter and I eventually ended up in Cache Valley where the last three children were born. Almost four years ago I was getting an itch to have some kind of business I could do from home. I purchased, from a friend, an online art conservation supply business. This had been a fun thing to keep my business brain sharp. But I love Shelf Reliance so much more because I don't have to do any fulfillment or manage inventory! And the start up cost compared to my art business is like 200 times less expensive. As I have been educating others about Thrive food and food storage in general I love this opportunity even more. I know having food storage is an important thing to do. Becoming self sufficient is critical and the only way to be truly free.
Having a supportive husband has been what's kept me going. And the best up-line ever my good friend Rachel. Thank you for all your support!

Sariah Schmickrath
Shelf Reliance Ind Consultant

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