Looking for a Royal Flush of a team!

Hi All!

If you are in Las Vegas and are interested in consultanting we are looking for you!

Becky and I will be at the Time out For Women in Vegas next weekend the 22nd of October and we would love to have you sign up as part of our team!

If you are going to be in at the Time out For Women, come say "hi" to us too!

Most of you know we are identical twins. We have the most identical voices and are pretty much a like in every way. We do have different hairstyles though. And I wear glasses and Becky doesn't. Becky was able to strengthen her eyes and get rid of her glasses. I'm sort of attached to mine so I remain blind!

We will be selling Shelf Reliance and giving samples at Time out For Women and I know we'll be building a team as we do it! Maybe that could be you!

Email us and let us know if you'd like us to send you a little packet with consultant information and we'll do that!

: )

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