Our Best Tid-Bits

So my friend and teammate Randee and I were comparing notes on what we love about Thrive products.

Here are a bunch of little things that really make the difference between choosing us and other products out there. These are all from personal experience.

1) brown sugar actually stays soft in our cans!
2) the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back of the Shortening powder can is AWESOME!
3) the powdered eggs make baked goods softer and rise higher
4)be sure when you open your cans with the opener that don't leave edges that your lids are still staying on tight. They might be too loose with those kind of openers.
5) broccoli cheese soup is really a great "next day" food. Let it sit! It tastes great!
6)Randee and her daugher in law mixed reconstituted butter with real butter and said you couldn't even tell the difference in taste
7) Compare our sugar to regular store bought sugar, Randee says ours is more shiny and crystally and is a richer taste
8) Here's one from my sister Becky- her husband can make a whole dinner with Thrive! Love that one! This is so much easier for our husbands to cook with then having to brown meat or de-bone chicken!
9) Two people have told me this...freeze dried cheese melts great on a pizza WITHOUT reconstituting it first!
10) Our chocolate drink is NOT COCOA, it's thick and rich!

We'll post more as we learn more!

Send us your best tid-bits to Ourbesttidbits@thrivecrew.com and we'll post them on our blog!


Kerry said...

I just tried making the chocolate chip cookie recipe from the back of the powdered butter can...I don't have the shortening or I would have tried that.I know they are different. Anyway, my cookies don't spread and don't get browned either. IS this normal? Does anyone know? The dough tastes super yummy though!

Rachel said...

Common... yes! Butter when changed into a powder converts to a more margarine chemistry. Less puff in the food and it's the oils and fat that give the browning, so that too might be less.

But tastes great! Right!? Great substitute for butter.

Kerry said...

Yes, they were delicious still! I was really impressed with the way the butter came together when mixed in the kitchenaid. It looked just like creamed butter! That was fun to try!

Anonymous said...

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