Potential Consultant Giveaway!

In this giveaway, EVERYONE WINS! If you've been considering becoming a consultant, this giveaway is for you! We wanted to tilt the scales for you a little bit in your favor.

This is all you have to do:

1) Read the post on October 1st, "Become a Shelf Reliance Consultant Today!" and comment.

2) E-mail us at questions@thrivecrew.com and tell us you want to sign up as a consultant today!

3)GET ALL THESE PANTRY CANS FOR FREE to help you get started when you sign up as a consultant with the Shelf Reliance Sisters:

FD Strawberries

Mixed Bell Peppers

FD Green Beans

6 Grain Pancake Mix

Taco TVP

This is the best time to sign up! We have less than 1000 in all the country and we are having an Online new consultant training Wed, October 27th at 8pm CST which will give you a fast, great start!

The Shelf Reliance Sisters
Rachel - consultant #4
Becky - consultant #18

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