Supermarket Supply

I had an eye-opening experience when going with my 4 year olds preschool class on a field trip on Wednesday. We went to our local grocery store.

We got to see how they make bread and cookies, how they wash everything, the store "pantry" for dry/boxed ingredients and the fridge, freezers and pharmacy.
Here are some pictures to show you what we saw. I asked the store tour person a couple of questions. And I'm sharing the answers here with you.

Here is what I learned. Everything you see in the pictures in the fridge/freezer or pantry all last about 1 week at the store.

The freezer and fridge have temperature controls that keep the food fresh and alarms to alert store managers if ever they aren't working correctly.

Grocery stores do have generators to keep the food fresh when the power goes out.

Here are some more interesting things I learned. The store carries about a 1 week supply of food for the community. And it's available as long as shipments are able to make it to town.

The fridge and freezer controls stopped working once and the alarm that warns the store managers about it, did not go on. They lots a weeks worth of food in 2 hours.

It takes about 3 hours for your grocery store to be cleaned out of supplies.

If you live a little farther out than your neighbors, you might be out of luck!

So what you should store?

  1. 6 gallons of water per person per day for drinking, washing and cooking
  2. 72 hours worth of food and supplies. Though at CERT trainer told me that it's better to ask people to store enough for 1 week.
  3. Emergency supplies like an electric portable generator, hand chain saw, flashlights with extra batteries and sparkie first starter, portable oven/stove are great to have.
  4. Fridge and Freezer essentials like instant milk, powdered eggs, butter, sour cream and shortening.
  5. medicines, both prescription and generic.
  6. a basic first aid kit including CPR shield and dust mask, burn cream and sting cream
  7. Shelter: tents, ponchos
  8. Warmth: emergency blankets, hand warmers
  9. energy for your body: 3600 calorie bars, MRE's or Freeze Dried food you just add water
  10. And extra clothing for each member of your family, including Shoes!

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