What you can learn from our parties!

You're invited to a Shelf Reliance party!

You've probably heard of us because of our wonderful front loading rotating food storage shelves. Our most popular being The Harvest that hold 460 cans in just a small space! Rotating your food saves you money! No more throwing away old cans that have been sitting at the back of the shelf.

But we also have emergency supplies and premium food storage.

Please come and learn how you can

  1. build a food storage plan for your family for free

  2. create an online monthly account and get your food storage to your home on your budget

  3. have our deepest discount pricing every month!

Shelf Reliance is a company that believes in great quality and taste.

Therefore each of the products that make it into our cans have to be the best.

Shelf Reliance actually interviews each of it's food vendors before picking the best one for you!

Shelf Reliance also has the best food storage cans in the business at no added cost to you!

Our #10 cans and pantry cans are lined on the inside and outside to prevent the food from tasting like tin and to prevent rusting on the outside. Both great ways to save you money. We also offer 2 sizes of cans both with this same great lining. You choose the size that works best for you.

Another money saver is our freeze dried food storage line.

Freeze dried food lasts about 25 years sealed and 1-2 years open in your pantry. Tastes better, looks amazing, retains it's nutrients and can be used in your regular cooking to save you more money each month. No more throwing away veggies that have gone bad in the fridge.

Interested in emergency supplies? We have a huge variety as well. Come and see them demonstrated at the party. You can also create customized 72 hour back packs for each member of your family!

There's no better way to get discount pricing, quality food storage and peace of mind than from Shelf Reliance.

Email to schedule a live party today!

If you'd rather, we can also schedule an online party for you and your guests. No leaving the house; just shop online for your favorite products and get the party pricing too!

Remember, you can only get party pricing from a consultant! So please email us today to set up an account!


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