Can your Eggs Do This?

All our food is USDA regulated and approved. And Shelf Reliance has paid for an added measure of protection to you by adding extra inspections and other certificates of health and safety to their processing.

So in plain English...Enjoy! It's GOOD!

For those of you who know me, our family raises chickens. I usually don't need to buy eggs at the store. But as the sunlight changes throughout the fall and winter the chickens produce less eggs. We usually have to hang up a heat/bright lamp to continue to encourage egg production by our chickens. We haven't set that up yet and so I've had about 3-4 eggs this week when I usually get 5 a day.
Yesterday was Sunday and the perfect day for a homemade chocolate chip cookie. The kids went out to check the nesting box and...nothing! So I reached for my Shelf Reliance powdered eggs and voila! Great cookies without any fresh eggs! Couldn't tell one bit of difference!

I love these eggs!


Email me for this recipe. It's an old family favorite!


Patricia said...

Your cookies look really good. I tried the recipe on the Thrive butter that calls for using butter powder & Thrive eggs. They didn't bake up like my usual recipe. They tasted okay but never really got brown. Maybe it was just the butter powder. I have a recipe I've used for years that calls for butter flavored shortening, so maybe that was the difference. I used the Thrive eggs with a packaged brownie mix & they turned out fine.

Rachel said...

How curious! Try the consultant recipe for cornbread. It gives an amazing impression of the butter powder. It makes sense htough, since it's the fat in butter that makes things brown and butter powder doesn't have that.

Patricia said...

I'm doing a 2-part post on my blog making roast chicken & chicken stock. I used the butter powder mixed with salt & thyme to coat my chicken prior to baking. :)

Rachel said...

Wow! i really want to see that!
Will you send me a pic?

Patricia said...

I posted some step-by-step photos on the blog already. Tomorrow I will be finishing the stock.