Classroom Emergency kits!!!!! Very Important!

My daughter's teacher had some crackers, band aids, about 8 water bottles, a flashlight and toilet paper for the classroom emergency supply.

When I saw that supply I worried that it just wouldn't be enough. I thought of the poor teachers not having what they needed to protect the kids. The water bottles is one of the major reasons I decided to do this. On top of enduring an emergency, kids who shared these 8 water bottles would then come home with a virus from a classmate. 

According to FEMA if there is an emergency, you as a parent will not be allowed pick up your kids until the school knows the emergency is over. Even if you can get to the school, you will not be allowed in. The doors will be locked.

And so, while you are frantically biting your nails waiting for the earthquake to pass or the HASMAT emergency to cease or gas line to be secured or any number of things, you can be confident your small children are going to be taken care of.

I've posted pictures of what I bought to place in this box. I would certainly recommend a sturdy emergency kit, which exceeded my budget this time. But the classroom did have band aid strips.This whole supply cost me about $40.

I would really recommend parents send their kids on the 1st day of school with a gallon sized bag filled with clothes, snacks and comforting stuffed animal or pictures to make it through the emergency.

It has:
40 water pouches: enough for students AND teacher and aid. No sharing to avoid contamination
32 dust masks: HASMAT emergencies are not uncommon according to CERT. 
2 whistles: One for the teacher and one for the aid
2 batteries: extra for the flashlight they carried already
1 radio: when power is out, radio is the way to communication with the outside world
1 equipment for sheltering in: plastic drop sheets and duct tape: this is for HASMAT emergencies and I put enough plastic drop sheets to cover the 2 large windows in her classroom
3 Emergency blankets: 2-3 kids can fit under one blanket
1 Healthy, yummy food for kids with can opener (apple chips with 7 years shelf life, 1 year openend): for comfort and sustinance
1 One time CPR Shield: for the teacher or aid to preform CPR if needed without the fear of spreading viruses

Purchase these or any others you see would be necessary on my online shopping site:

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