Edit Your Monthly Q with Ease

Hello Q customers!

Here are some instructions on editing your Q monthly to get just what you want in your monthly shipments. If you haven't activated your Q yet, you still have time to get in the Q Club Platinum for free from now until February 15th 2011 for all the discounts and rewards points. After the 15th of February the Platinum level will cost $79.99 and $19.99 yearly fee.

For those who are currently on the Q, you will keep your Platinum level for FREE as long as it stays active. If you pause it, you will be assessed your $19.99 yearly fee (a nominal yearly fee for all the free and discounted rewards you'll be getting) .

Just a tip: If you are going on vacation and have a Q going out during that time, in order not to have to pause it, just change the shipping date within the same month and you'll be able to stay active or recruit a lovely neighbor to receive your Thrive for you.

To edit your Q:

1.Log into www.shelfreliance.com
2.Click on "Tools" and pick "Thrive Q"
3.Click on "Edit" under the Fed Ex guy on the Green Bar
4.Choose the products you want under each category to go to your current monthly shipment.
5.You can choose months in advance

If you need to pick more products or different sizes :

1.Click on Left side "Add Product"
2.Add the products you want and click "Add to Thrive Q" (NOT shopping cart)
3.These products will go under each category on your Q program
4.Click 'Edit" on the Green Bar under the Fed Ex Guy again
5.Find the products you wanted to add to your current Q and add them for this current month.

If you want to Add Products but want more detailed info on each item before you choose it like looking at their nutrition labels, click on "Add/Edit" product. This will take you to the main Thrive food page on the webpage where you can look at the product in more detail and choose the product from there. Be sure to choose "Add to Thrive Q", NOT "Add to Shopping Cart", to get these products back into your Q. Then when you're back at your Q, add them to your current shipment as described above by clicking the "Edit" button under the Fed Ex Guy on the Green Tab.

I hope you all LOVE getting your monthly shipments of the Q with the highest quality food storage you can get at the BEST price!

Please call or e-mail with questions! :)

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