Shelf Reliance Takes First Place!

Shelf Reliance Takes First Place!

Shelf Reliance participated in the Self Reliance expo in Sandy, UT on November 5-6, 2010. At this expo were several other food storage and emergency preparedness companies, many of whom we compete with directly. We are very pleased to announce that we were able to participate in a cooking contest at this expo and went up against six other food storage companies. We are even more excited to announce that we took first place! The parameters of this contest allowed us to use ONLY the food storage products we sell. We were not allowed to bring in any boxed food, non-THRIVE canned food, or even any spices!

We want to thank and congratulate Isabel Lee, one of our independent consultants, for taking on this task and creating such an excellent dish. Isabel is a wonderful cook, and she created a unique Brazilian dish using only THRIVE foods. It was delicious! Good job Isabel!

We are pleased to offer such high quality foods! When compared to other food storage companies, THRIVE’s taste simply can’t be beat!

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Vana and Kevin said...

WAIT so where's the link to the recipe?

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it