BRRRR! It's cold in here! There must be something in the atmosphere!

Try some THRIVE Hot Chocolate Drink!

Only $16.45 for a large #10 can or $93.56 for a case of 6!

"If it’s time for hot cocoa on a cold winter’s night, then it’s time for THRIVE Chocolate Drink Mix. Made from cocoa and nonfat milk, this mix is also a great source of iron, making it a delicious, nutritious choice for your family. Just add hot water!

All 48 servings will taste delicious, and an optimum shelf life of 25 years will keep the smiles coming. Excellent as a daily staple or for long-term storage, THRIVE Chocolate Drink Mix is a tasty treat in times of need and times of plenty."

Add a little dessert to go with it also made with our great Chocolate Drink Mix!

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