Tips on How to Manage your Monthly Shipments


We love the monthly Q but sometimes it gets confusing whe you first start working with it. I want to write up a couple of helpful tips and strategies to get your Q running smoothly every month!

Step 1: Log in at and check "Q Settings." Make sure everything there is correct. Once you've done this just be aware your CC number will not be saved for safety purposes. As long as you see the your expiration date you'll know it's secure in the system.

Step 2: Click "EDIT SHIPMENTS" button on the left hand side menu to edit what comes to you each month. Hint: you can set up more than one month at a time.

Step 3: Add or edit product for your monthly shipments by clicking "remove" or searching in the choices below on the color catergories and choosing "add to shipment."

Step 4: to get as close to your budget as possible, be sure to add some smaller pantry cans or pouches by clicking "ADD" product in the left hand menu. Choose anything you like just be sure to click "ADD TO Q" and not add to cart.

Step 5: if you want to spend a little extra this month, you are given a buffer in the system. It starts at $20 and you must approve it and any buffer larger than that as well. You will be able to see this under "Edit shipments" on the left hand menu and then under your budget.

Step 6: prices change monthly, log into your Q at least 3 days before your Q is scheduled to ship and make sure you are getting exactly what you'd like. Sometimes when prices go down, you'll have a little bit more wiggle room to add more product.

Step 7: if you know you'll absolutely never ever want Freeze Dried Peas for example, you can take them out of your Q entirely by choosing "VIEW/EDIT" product on the left hand side menu and click REMOVE.

Step 8: Be sure your Q is always full of your favorite foods so you will always love what comes to you even if you don't the chance to go in and have a look each month. If your Q is empty it will automatically stop! If it stops you lose your Platinum status.

Step 9: You all are Platinum Q members which means you get discounts on shipping and product and exclusive products, recipes, and earn points toward free product!
You should see "Platinum Q" right on your Q dashboard, if you don't, let me know! If you stop your Q you lose the status.

Step 10: Your budget is static for the first 3 months of your Q so be sure you choose a budget you'll be happy with. After the 3 months are up, change your budget to any amount. There's not limit up or down!

Hope these steps have helped you!

Please let me know how I can help!

: )

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