55 gallon water kit on sale!

The Shelf Reliance Water Storage System includes the following:
55 Gallon Water Container
Barrel is made from high-density polyethylene (food grade/ BPA Free).
Barrel comes in blue color to restrict light, which helps to control the growth of bacteria and algae.
Barrel weight when full is approximately 480 lbs.
Water Pump - (45" long, 3" wide) Hose (47" long, 1"wide)
Sturdy Bung Wrench - doubles as a gas shutoff tool and provides access to storage barrels of all sizes.
Water Treatment Solution - easy to follow instructions that allows water storage for up to 5 years.
Detailed instructions of how to prepare your water storage.

Buy online at www.readyhomestore.shelfreliance.com
Or email me: waterkit@thrivecrew.com

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