My teammate Wendy C. gave me this great suggestion. She said, "I wish we could have a little sampling of each of the foods in the THRIVE food line to offer our customers."
"Great idea, Wendy," I said. So I've made one!

How about this all for $60!

Ingredients for Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Pouch- Freeze Dried Celery
Pouch-Freeze Dried Onion
Medium sized- Freeze Dried Chicken

Ingredients for Green Bean Potato Casserole
Medium sized-Freeze Dried Green Beans
Medium sized- Freeze Dried Potato Dices

Ingredients for Dessert
Medium sized-Fudge Brownies

Pouch-Freeze Dried Strawberries

A little something to wet your whistle
Medium sized-Apple Drink

Total $60

FYI: Medium sized cans are about 1/4 of the size of a #10 (gallon sized)
Pouches are mylar bags with 2-3 servings in them.

Email us if you'd like to try this little sampler or make one of your own!

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